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brand development

Burchette & Associates, Inc., a business partner specializing in market research and strategic marketing solutions, developed a strategy for their client Metropolitan College that included a critical brand solution to attract and recruit working adults seeking an undergraduate degree. This is an audience with no time to waste. What resulted from this collaborative effort is a compelling identity that embodies the very attribute the college espouses—Knowledge That Counts®. The brand extension of Gain Your EDGE® speaks to the target audience’s goal of advancing in their careers and lives.


The logo is the value proposition, making it an unusually compelling visual that serves as the message and the mark, all in one.



A recruiting brochure speaks to the target audience with bold, clear attributes that communicate an understanding of their needs.



The website compels action, with just three primary navigation choices that respect the time of this busy target audience.

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awareness ad

Getting the word out about the college's desirable adult-degree programs meant bringing the message to the market with bold, clear graphics and benefit points that make no mistake about what is offered here.


online ads

Reaching the audience online is a key communication channel requiring strong brand visuals and to-the-point marketing messages.

online ad         online ad         online ad

landing pages

Several web landing pages were developed for the purpose of multivariate testing to see which design will compel users to take action. Testing will be underway soon.

landing pages