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marketing campaign

Artio Global's US Equity Funds reached the five-year mark, opening up a new category of performance reporting. We created a campaign for intermediaries that unveiled positive performance thanks to the steady hand and consistent focus of fund management.

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us equity

2011 annual report

Sometimes hidden opportunities present themselves in unexpected places. With each investment strategy, Artio Global performs the hard work necessary to examine the fundamentals and make the difficult choices needed to grow assets and deliver results.

annual report 2011annual report 2011

annual report 2011

2010 annual report

Quality decisions require contemplative thought balanced by action-oriented management, with a keen view of the global perspective in contrast to the nuances of asset class behavior. This design reflects the calm, measured approach characteristic of the firm's steady hand during tumultuous times.

annual report 2010

annual report 2010

2009 annual report

For its inaugural annual report, Artio Global chose a singular story that defines the company: people, process and performance underpin all that they do, ensuring investors that whatever direction the firm takes, their approach is rooted in the fundamentals.

annual report 2009

annual report 2009

corporate ads

How Artio Global views the investment landscape is what sets them apart from other firms. These ads perfectly capture how investors may benefit from an alternative perspective as long as rigor and discipline guide the way.

corporate ad