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corporate website

The company's website reinforces their corporate brochure, making prominent use of photography to reflect their relationship-based approach to client service.


2010 annual report

Thirteen people from across the firm's global offices and business disciplines were represented as the heart of KBW's diversified approach to building a successful future.

annual report 2007

annual report 2007 spread

2009 annual report

Following a tumultuous year, KBW opted to begin the Shareholder Letter right on the front cover; a no-nonsense approach that eliminated any chance of obscuring the central message.

annual report 2006

annual report 2006 spread

corporate brochure

The KBW story starts with its cover: exceptional people. Successful outcomes are the result of hard work, business acumen and, most important, a respect for the client relationship.


brochure spread

brochure spread

corporate ad

This corporate ad relies on three key words that are central to the firm's business philosophy and are the necessary ingredients for building trusted, long-term client relationships.

corporate ad